The PTI team is dedicated to offering a broad scope of services that are custom tailored to fit the specific needs of our clients.

UST / AST System Design

Working with our clients to develop a site plan that fits their needs is what we do best. The end result will be environmentally and mechanically sound as well as financially feasible.

CAD Work

Our team will help you to create the right site design for your project and give you the CAD “blueprint” of your system layout.

UST / AST Systems Removal

Client safety and satisfaction are foremost in our minds. Our UST and AST removal services are executed efficiently, with minimal disturbance and always in accordance with State and Local regulations.

Environmental Services

Over the years, PTI has collaborated with a number of Environmental Engineers and Environmental Engineering firms to ensure the safe and thorough implementation of a tank replacement or tank top upgrade project. We can assist our clients in pairing their needs with the right Environmental Engineering Firm to address any possible site issues.

UST Sales and Installation

We are experienced in working with a variety of UST materials and sizes; including fiberglass, steel and jacketed steel tanks ranging in capacity sizes from 300 gallons to 30,000 gallons. We work with manufacturers, and manufacturers representatives to get out clients the best pricing possible.

AST Sales and Installation

Our team is also experienced in the installation of AST’s; everything from smaller waste oil (evac) systems to large back-up generator systems. We can install both double-wall steel and concrete encased steel systems.

Piping System Sales and Installation

Piping systems options can get overwhelming. From the types of piping materials to the myriad of manufacturers, fiberglass to metallic, semi-rigid to flexible, the choices are endless. We can help you to sift through all of the options to create a customized system that will best fit your needs. And, you can be confident in knowing that all of our installers are fully certified and experienced in every available option.

Concrete Removal and Replacement

Appearances can be everything. Our reputation has been built on our attention to detail and our promise that the above ground “finish” to your project meets the same high quality standards as the underground system you don’t see. Our team will closely monitor every phase of your project from concrete removal to finished pavement to ensure excellence in performance and aesthetics.

Contractor Training and Sales for NUPI Semi-Rigid Piping Systems

PTI offers training to both contractors and customers who are installing semi-rigid piping systems. We also sell Nupi Smart-Flex piping systems.

Dispenser and POS Installation

We work with the best POS service providers in the Midwest to perform dispenser (suction pump) installations and changes as well as re-installation of customer hardware. Our team will work with you to help you choose the best options.

Tank and Dispenser Sump Maintenance

The sump is a key component of your system and needs to be inspected annually. PTI offers a service that will thoroughly clean the tank/dispenser containment sumps and conduct a yearly inspection for potential system failures. This is a great preventative maintenance tool.

Additional Services:

Hoist Removal/Replacement

Tank Top Sump Replacements

Tank Top Upgrades